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Are you making a top-down game? And do you need a large variety of biomes in your tilesets?

This collection provides 10+ biomes for you to pick and use from made with 16x16 pixels but scaled up to 32x32 pixels and 48x48 pixels.

This tileset collection is not made for any specific game engine but it can be used across many like Godot, Game Maker Studio 2, RPG Maker, and more!


There are 10+ tilesets in this collect each representing a different biome. Each top-down tileset contains terrain variations and objects associated with those biomes! Each biome contains roughly 30 to 50 tiles for terrain and/or objects, meaning you are only paying $0.03 to $0.06 for each tile only!

Exterior Biomes: Beaches, Deep Forests, Deserts, Grasslands, Seafloors, Sky World, Snow Lands, Temples, Toy World

Interior Biomes: Caves, Housing, Mines

The Tilesets

We understand that each game is different and has different demands for resource sizes. For that reason, we've included a variety of sizes, already pre-scaled for you to use right out of the box. These sizes range from 16x16 pixel large tiles, 32x32 pixel large tiles, and 48x48 pixel large tiles.

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Legal Stuff
These assets are not to be used in commercial projects without being purchased from the above itch.io profile. These are engine free and can be used outside of RPG Maker.
Once the pack has been officially purchased, the buyer is now a license holder of this pack and has permission to use and edit these assets for use in apps, games, or whatever purpose they like EXCEPT that these assets cannot be redistributed to other parties who have not purchased it.
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsassets, GameMaker, gms2, Godot, RPG Maker, tilesets, Top-Down, Unity


Get this asset pack and 6 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
80% Off
$25.00 $5.00 USD or more

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10+ Biomes For Download 506 kB